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In a strangers car headed to some hurried location,

I smell of whiskey and lust.

The sky is clear from the storm that left nothing but one day of wet sidewalks.

I hear music but I’m in my own mind. Nothing but wishes for tomorrow so I forget to enjoy right now..

I’m anxious about being social tonight. 

I smell of whiskey and lust with no one to share it with

The ride.

It is cold in the morning, 

My fingertips go numb.

As I ride

I forget to remember you/them/him/her.

The goal. 

My destination is my goal. 

I would ride forever if this road would take me. 

I would ride far from here if I meant I could forget you.

My glasses fog from my breath.

My chest gets warm.

I won’t remember you.

That is the goal.




I think I will hide today.

I’m hiding inside today.
The sound of children yelling woke me up from whiskey induced slumber.
I lost a few things last night.
Moments, friends,
I ran away from them.
I get tired when listening to others but thinking of you.
It was cold.
It rained
and my glasses fogged from my breath as I peddled through
A storm.
My skin was wet.
I smelled of rain and Bushmills .
I’m not sure if I’m staying stagnant,
I have nothing to give you.
Sloppy kisses and some unwanted advice.
I over think till my head hurts.
I over think that you aren’t wondering where I am.
Don’t let me sabotage myself.
Another day wasted thinking these thoughts that most will never know.
I am hiding inside today.
But i look forward to tomorrow.