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Do I paint this?

Hungry Man and Carrot Face 

a spider problem.

I have a spider problem.

I remember the day I moved into this box. This studio in the ghetto.

My own place. Nudity acceptable at any time here. I could dance freely to any song.

No one to see me. No one but the spiders.

Long legged enemies. Spinning their webs. Catching their prey.

Hundreds live here.

How many have walked across me at night? I wonder…..

A certain paranoia has come over me.

I have a spider problem.

They see me. They multiply. They are invisible to me.

I surrender. Take back your box, spiders.

I am too afraid of your bite.

the rat

I saw a rat the other night. The rat saw a human. The rat didn’t care. I was in his home. I was on his street.

“R A T….” I said.

“yes?” he replied. “I am hungry and tired. Keep moving. You’re disturbing my routine.”

“oh rat, we both know you have no routine. You just run. Come now, and join me for a scrap.”

Scraps are for the poor and yet This rat was rich with knowledge.

“no silly girl, come now and join me for some experience.”

So I went.

If you see the rat, don’t judge him. He knows more than you.