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My love,

Last we spoke it was cold there.

I can’t sleep at night because the heat keeps me alive.

I lay juxtaposed on this horrible firm bed.

They all smile at me,

So I smile back. 

Thank you for the love,

And for never writing back.

I want to lay in the grass

And feel the earth hold me up.

I want to read the greatest works of literary geniuses. 

I want to write things that make people think. But to articulate is hard for me.

I have been forgotten.

I have been misplaced. 

I’m here in the dark, hidden from view. 

I will stay here for now. 

Till I can decide to write something worthwhile. 

I shake..

My hands are shaking.

And from what, I can’t tell..

I watch them


To see if I can see the cause..

They haven’t been held in some time. 

So maybe they shake from loneliness or fear.

Maybe they shake from what’s to come..

The soft music I hear is therapy

I have to close my eyes 

I push my finger tips to touch each other. 

I feel them.

In this moment is bliss.. 

In this moment is peace.

In The Fog

It’s cold enough that I can see my breath,
It’s frozen out here.
Nothing has warmed me in some time
And I have forgotten how to move the way I used to.
My mind has forgotten how think of anyone else
But myself
I’m not even sure I smile anymore.
I apply my face
And pretend everything is fine.
But it’s frozen out here..
So until next time,
I’ll see you in the fog?


I wrote you a letter

My love,
It’s exhausting
To be

I think of your laugh
And I can
Almost hear you.

But not quite.

It’s exhausting in the



My love,
I took a little
White pill

So that I can sleep.
And right now
I can’t see.

Was it only
I cannot recall.
I cannot see.

And I can’t tell if
I am

Maybe that’s the

I cannot see
So tell me,

Is this the beauty of it all?


And then there was one…