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Month: August, 2015

my friends

I’m sitting in a bar


With the closest thing 

I have 

to a friend.

I try not to stare at the others here.

I try not to draw attention to myself 

As I drink 


These drinks

Don’t count 

As a form of love.

But the warmth I feel 

In my chest

Reminds me 

That i am


I’ll order another

As i wear his shirt

That smells like the whisk and the cigs . 

There’s that feeling in my chest…

And yes,

I’ll have another.

My Fear

I think my greatest fear, 

Is that I will be forgotten.

I will not be

I will not be remembered 

For anything 

Other than some words

And those words are 

Not even real. 

My greatest fear

Is being forgotten.

So here I am..