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Month: March, 2015

My breath smells of Whiskey… and I miss you everyday. And when my world is a disaster I have no shelter and.. ┬áno safety, well, no safe anything And still, Today is an extraordinary day. I feel nothing new lately.. I just know how it feels to be hollow. No, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to cry over you. I smell of whiskey, but today, I laugh. Because today is my birthday and you will not ruin my smile.

a break.

I have never claimed to be anything above average. 

I have never claimed to be perfection.  

I have a lot to give, I have too much.

“Too much love to give” he would say. 

and I’d cry.

I’d cry when he’d leave. I have cried everyday. 

I’m drowning myself in all of it.

“No need to worry. And time heals.” I would hear.

I’m lost, and I will forever be searching for him. I will look for the reason why it hurts so much.