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Month: October, 2013

The ride.

It is cold in the morning, 

My fingertips go numb.

As I ride

I forget to remember you/them/him/her.

The goal. 

My destination is my goal. 

I would ride forever if this road would take me. 

I would ride far from here if I meant I could forget you.

My glasses fog from my breath.

My chest gets warm.

I won’t remember you.

That is the goal.





And my eyes were filled with gold.

When I Can’t Sleep

In the tree outside my window,

Tiny little voices echo my way.

From the trees.

Maybe they are all telling me a story.

About how it rained this morning,

While most of us were in our deepest sleep.

It may have been the rain that excited them.

Made their day cooler,

In the trees.

When I lay awake all night,

I hear them awaken.

Same tiny little voices.

Different nests, battling for a listen.

“Listen to us!”

I can’t help but listen.

Even when my eyes burn and I ache.

I wish for sleep. The little birds wishing for me to listen.

Sing little birds, sleep is not coming tonight.

Captain Blood

I stood at the entrance of the enormous barn.

Hundreds of years old.


It had seen more than I could comprehend.

It had seen the land change, the people, the world, and it didn’t seem to mind.

It still stood strong and maintained its presence.

It was a sight to be held.

The large, red, wood doors were heavy to open.

“The original owner was a man by the name of Captain Blood,” she told me.

Captain Blood…

“A man of many skills..”

It was a barn built for bringing new life as well as ending it.

How many animals had been born just to be killed in the barn over the years?

Tools were found rusted, some still with evidence of the purpose unwashed from them.

A few owners came and went after Captain Blood.

All of them using the land, location, barn, and home to become successful.

Over time, the two sisters who were left with the barn both eventually developed dementia. Locking them selves in the house, using only two rooms out of the ten in the giant home.

Closing up the barn.

Letting its only purpose become a vault of memories. A vault.

Something I see in my dreams.

The weather vane squeaking in the breeze, I looked it all over one more time.

The history was enormous. And I was too tiny to make an impression.

I think I will hide today.

I’m hiding inside today.
The sound of children yelling woke me up from whiskey induced slumber.
I lost a few things last night.
Moments, friends,
I ran away from them.
I get tired when listening to others but thinking of you.
It was cold.
It rained
and my glasses fogged from my breath as I peddled through
A storm.
My skin was wet.
I smelled of rain and Bushmills .
I’m not sure if I’m staying stagnant,
I have nothing to give you.
Sloppy kisses and some unwanted advice.
I over think till my head hurts.
I over think that you aren’t wondering where I am.
Don’t let me sabotage myself.
Another day wasted thinking these thoughts that most will never know.
I am hiding inside today.
But i look forward to tomorrow.